War of Heaven

After Akim split Oblivion, before the formation of The Seven, the spirit realms were divided into many clans, courts and empires. While always in conflict with each other, these primal spirits were beyond life, death and destruction. This immutability cause all conflicts to dissolve into little more than name calling.

Then the material world was discovered.

In this realm resided the concepts of the finite and the transience. To the primal spirits, it was at last a battle field where one side could win and the other loose.

Thus began the War of Heaven, as various factions vied for control of the material world. With each turn of fate the world itself changed, as did the spirit realms themselves. While spirits could die here, there was always a set number – new spirits would replace the fallen, but they were changed in subtle ways.

The primal spirits had been animated masses of raw elemental energies, but those who came latter were sophisticated and cultured. The final ages of the war saw the Wind Dukes of Aaqa forge an empire over all spirits realms, before the Battle of Pesh ended the war.

War of Heaven

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