Map Key 17

A redolence of fresh pine suffuses this handsome establishment, a distinctive structure that incorporates intricate carved patterns and upright logs. The proprietor, a curious woman named Venelle, makes masterwork bows and arrows, and also deals in other weapons and armor imported from Merenbul in exchange for items of her own design. The shop is a bit chaotic, with various items piled on tables. Armor sits loosely on too-small dummies.

Venelle has a touch of elven blood about her, and is pleased to entertain guests who apprec-ate arrowcraft and elven culture. She has friends among the Bronzewood Lodge, and greets other characters from that nearby community with smiles and a discount.

Venelle carries most common weapons and armor priced, but must send away for more expensive items She keeps a special case containing four magical arrows behind her counter, and excitedly offers to show them to anyone she suspects can afford them.


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