The Celestial Empire is the bastion of civilization within and around the Green Lands, and only three civilized races are known to the lands.

Character Races

  • Epupe/Human: The diverse natives of Meru Ladu, some 30 million strong.
  • Charad: The beast-men hailing from the Distant East, this noble race fought long to cleanse Meru Ladu from the Fell Drakes. A few million still dwell within the Empire.
  • Mojh: The Venerable dragon-blooded; long ago they ruled a world-wide empire, but have been slowly fading from the world. Some scant tens of thousands can be found in Meru Ladu.

Favored Class

Each race has several possible favored classes and you must select one of these at character creation as your favored class. This selection can not be changed. There are no multiclassing penalties, but each time you take a level in your favored class you gain an extra Action Point for that level and can select to gain either +1 hit point or +1 skill point.




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