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The Celestial Emperor has lain dead for half a generation now, and his reincarnation has yet to be found among the people of the empire. Chaos threatens to break out as warlords, eunuchs, and priests seek to shape the future of the empire by taking the Jade Throne for themselves while the land falls apart around their perfumed heads. Bandits, newly emboldened by the lack of retaliation for their crimes, swoop down upon their prey in greater numbers while old rivalries threaten to bring dojos and temples to open warfare with one another to settle old blood-grudges. Drought, famine, and poverty spread like diseases in the absence of government oversight of essential duties. Peasants and nobles alike find their lives falling apart, unnoticed by the un-caring monolithic empire that is busy tearing itself apart at the seems.

However….hope remains.

For every dishonorable villain who preys on the helpless, new heroes arise to face them down. Martial artists across the empire find themselves thrown into the storm the country has become and struggle to forge their own paths through it all. Some are a stabilizing force, crushing bandit armies, exposing corruption and deceit among the nobility and imperial court, or ending the threat of vile practitioners of the martial arts. Others seek to write a new destiny for the land and its beleaguered people, to establish their own legends and kingdoms to act as a guiding light for the downtrodden in search of better tomorrows. A few merely seek glory and fame, but despite these selfish actions manage to improve the lot of those around them by way of the deeds they perform to become famous. Martial artists clash in truly epic displays of ability and prowess, each weapon swing and blow engraving the names of these warriors in the Book of Eternity. In this time of chaos and hardship, there’s much need for heroes and many who seek to answer that call…


Main Page

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