Source: Tome of Battle.

The same as the core class, save where noted here.

The Crusader

While there are many spirits, great and small, that the people venerate for good luck, victory in battle, large harvests, and so on, they are not considered to be deities in the regular sense. Nor are there any ‘true’ deities that the people of the empire venerate, unless one venerates the Celestial Emperor. Thus many crusaders instead devote themselves to a cause such as honor or justice, or to a lord that the crusader finds themselves in service too. Such crusaders tend to become powerful bodyguards who can defend their lords from entire groups of assailants or charismatic leaders who can guide their lord’s other men into battle. Despite the potent spiritual side to a crusader’s abilities, few crusaders are actually found at temples or monasteries, many finding such places too stifling and dull to stay in for too long. They’re spirituality is something that many crusaders have nourished from the day they were born and they don’t see a need to meditate or ponder philosophy to better themselves when they could be putting their faith and honor to more direct tests.

Many crusaders become armored juggernauts of battle, painstakingly difficult to bring down while dishing out tremendous punishment in return. With their capability to wear heavy armor without taking the feat, most wear the heaviest armor that they can afford for extra durability. Many assassination attempts have been thwarted by crusaders willing to lay their lives on the line to defend their lords or employers.

Making a Crusader

Races: Human and Charad are the most common crusaders. Mohj rarely devote themselves to such pursuits.

Honor: As men who hold up, and fight for, ideals, all Crusaders start Honorable, though many stray from the path, blinded by self-righteousness.

Starting Age: Human 15+2d6, Charad 15+2d4, Mojh 20+2d8.

Class Features

Defense Bonus: Column D

Contacts: Column B

Reputation: Column C

Weapon Groups: Basic + 3

Disciplines: The core discipline of the Crusader is Devoted Spirit. His other default disciplines are Silver Crane, Stone Dragon, and White Raven.

At first level only, you can substitute any default discipline (aside from Devoted Spirit), for one of the following optional disciplines: Army of One, Black Heron, Broken Blade, Golden Lion, Iron Tortoise, Scarlet Bravura, and Jade Throne.

*Army of One, Golden Lion or Scarlet Bravura must replace White Raven.
*Black Heron must replace Silver Crane.

*If you take Blood Sage or Sanguine Brand, you must give up Shadow Hand, and you can not start known both these disciplines.


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