Balabar Smenk


A corpulent elemental of corruption and bad taste, Balabar Smenk lords his political clout over everyone in Diamond Lake save the governor-mayor and garrison commander, whom he privately mocks. Smenk has wrestled four mines into his possession In the last so years, and has designs upon the rest. A coven of sycophants and hired goons surrounds him at all times. Rumors suggest that he has powerfully connected friends in Meranbul.

Appears to have hired on an unpleasant necormancer named Filge to investigate some strange worms and ‘unkillable undead’, working out of the Old Observatory


Balabar Smenk didn’t have very much wealth or power when he first came to Diamond Lake, but he did have one thing in spades: ambition. That has served him well, and made him one of the most powerful men in town, as well as disgustingly rich. He currently lives with his pack of dire apes (Bubbles, Cucumber, and Roxy, all female, very terrifying) in a manor house that once belonged to rival mine manager Luzane Parrin, whom he still lusts after. (Her husband conveniently passed away a couple years ago…) Smenk has been known to use everything from blackmail to kidnapping to get his way, and will stop at nothing to gain power over every citizen of Diamond Lake that he can. He is rarely seen without a coven of yes-men, escorts, and bodyguards, and it is known that he has eyes and ears everywhere, though exactly which townsfolk are on the take is uncertain. Smenk intends to own Diamond Lake, regardless of which so-called leaders the Free City claims are the authority, and everyone that refuses to sell out…must be destroyed.

Balabar Smenk

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