Meru Ladu, the Green Land, is vast in itself, but vaster still is the expanse of the Celestial Empire, extending some 1400 leagues from the eastern coast of Ausut to the western boarders of Uteri, and some 1200 leagues from the northern most portions of Inu Galnu to the coasts of Ostu.

Despite belonging to one empire for dozens of generations, the peoples of Meru Ladu are still quite diverse and proud of there regional and cultural history.


The Celestial Empire unites the six Domains under a chain of bureaucracy, the yoke of military and the ever vital water trade. The latter two provisions act to support the first, keeping the local magistrates and governors in line with the dictates set by Akipatu through the bureaucracy.

Since the death of the last incarnation of the Celestial Emperor it is this expansive bureaucracy that has kept the empire running. While riddled with corruption, it’s scale is such that no magistrate nor court eunuch has been able to gain the power needed to direct in, even after half a generation has passed.


Ilnisos Rainy Season
Arenisos Green Season
Ubufisos Hot Season
Akisos Dry Season
Usisos Cold Season
Emmutcoy Moon Day
Emtacoy Metal Day
Uburcoy Fire Day
Uenicoy Water Day
Ilufcoy Wind Day
Imencoy Earth Day
Arudcoy Wood Day
Units of Time
High Common Real Life
Imi Minuet 1 min
Etu(-imi) 3 min
Onu(-imi) 9 min
Edi(-Ahi) Half 27 Min
Oni(-Ahi) Ninth 1 hour
Eti(-Ahi) Thrid 3 hours
Ahi Segment 9 Hours
Adi Day 3 Phases (27 hours)
Ewi Weeks 7 Days (21 Phases)
Esi Season 9 Weeks (63 days)
Eyi Year 5 Seasons (315 days)


  • Ahurat – The central region, home of the capital.
  • Uteri – The western grasslands.
  • Ostu – The southern coast lands.
  • Ausut – The eastern lands.
  • Inu Galnu – The mountainous highlands to the north-west.
  • Akersu – Distant south-west.


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