The One

Akim – The Goddess; The Unborn Perfection
Akim split Oblivion, creating the Two and starting the flow of Mana, leading to the creation of the world.
Sleeps in the Tree at the heart of the Pure Land, tended but those souls pure enough to earn their place in Heaven.

The Two

Adun – Wisp; The Dancer in Lambent Flame
One of the Two; the source of light, life and energy as well as mortality.

Imur – Shade; The Watcher in Perfect Darkness
One of the Two; the source of death, but also reincarnation and heaven.

The Seven

Emnut – Luna; She upon the Ferment
Of the Seven, Emnut rules the moon and all other heavenly objects save the Sun; governs change, patterns, transitions and seasons. Sets the fate of mortals.

Emta – Aura; He of Ebon and Gold
Of the Seven, Emta rules metal and mortal creations; governs crafts, arts, construction and silence. Grants mortals the potential to challenge fate.

Ubur – Pyre; He of Quickened Hunger
Of the Seven, Ubur rules the Sun and all lesser flames; governs all forms of mortal passions and the summer months. Grants mortals desire, but punishes indulgence.

Ueni – Fount; She of Shifting Permanence
Of the Seven, Ueni rules the ocean, rivers and rain; governs logic and discipline as well as the time of rain. Grants mortals foresight, but also brings disasters.

Iluf – Sylph; She who sees Unseen

Imen – Gnome; He of the Deepness

Arud – Weald; She of the Wilds

The Wisdoms

Haruta – The Celestial Emperor
The reincarnating God-Emperor who founded Meru Ladu 47 generations ago.


Anan Abekakim

The Seven Divine Beasts who consume unrighteous souls. Should the world become corrupted by enough impure souls, the Divine Beasts shall consume creation back into Oblivion.


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