Warriors and Wuxia is a collaborative effort to use the Tome of Battle rules (and some of the very finely made home-brew on the GiTP forums) to create a cinematic wuxia setting compatible with 3.5 D&D rules.

For my own part, I’m tweaking some things to personal taste, filling in elements not yet done in the current version of the setting as is, as well as edging things towards working with the Pathfinder rules.

The setting itself is a blending of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian influences that is epitomized in the Jade Empire of the Celestial Emperor that spans the breadth of the known world. The action is fast-paced and hard-hitting, while tragic love stories, deadly political intrigue, and almost Shakespearean tales of revenge unfold around high-flying wuxia heroes. The empire is corrupt and rotten to the core beneath a lair of gilt and riches, but one of the key themes of this setting is that people have the potential to change the world around them with enough effort, even if Fate itself seems to conspire against them. As was mentioned before, this project uses all of the material from the Tome of Battle (though not any of the setting described within it, like Reshar and his Temple).

So, to account for this, a LOT of Tome of Battle homebrew is going to be included in this project and I don’t take any credit for any of it, including the core elements of the setting itself – that belongs to the wonderful people on the GiTP forums who’ve created the material.


Meru Ladu - The Green Lands eidalac