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  • Backgrounds

    Backgrounds represent your life before starting down the Sublime Way - they represent who you were, not who you are. h3. Aristocrat

    You were born to a noble house, be it a provincial governor, a regional magistrate or …

  • Character Creation

    h4. Stats 4d6, drop lowest, re-roll ones. h4. Races There are 3 playable races: * [[Human]] * [[Mojh]] * [[Charad]] h4. Backgrounds Select one of the [[Backgrounds]], as you were not born in a dojo. h4. Martial School WIP …

  • Languages

    Mojhi * Old Charish ** Old High Tongue *** High Tongue **** Trader Tongue ***** Common ** Old Vesh (east) *** Plain Trade ** Old Sea (south & west) *** Sea Trade ** Stone Speak (north) *** Northern Tongue

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